Hello, I am Shabba Blue Rose

I’m half French/half Spanish and one of the original Blue Rose Ibiza Dancers.

I’ve been a performer since 1996, travelled all around the word for my job, worked with fantastic people (even if not all of them became famous, enough did!) and decided to settle down in Cologne, Germany and share my experience with new up-coming artists as well as regular “girls next door” to help them rise to the next level.

Of course, after so long on stage, I developed my own specialities mainly in Burlesque and Pole Dancing, as well as a few side talents for fire shows, acting, make-up, costume design or model coaching.

I also collected lots of friends during those years, who have other talents and teach them as well in the studio or in their own place.

This school is covering 2 areas:

1 – The Performer School:
You want to be a professional artist and need some help (performance concept, costume design & creation, character development, story telling, training, selling strategy, advertising, …):
My team and I can answer a lot of your questions and develop your talents in the direction you wish.
Be aware: it’s a lot of work and training, it does not come easy but it’s also fun!


2 – The Femme School:
I learned lots of things (especially Make-up!) from a Drag Queen.
My Drag Mother Ruby was from Paris and influenced me a lot, publicly and privately.
It does not matter if you are born in a female body or not, it’s all about the packaging!
Unfortunately, you rarely can count on your own mum to show you the tricks, how to be feminine, how to dress to impress, how to walk like a panther, how to twist someone around a fantasy…
This is where I come in and expose the useful tricks of a Burlesque dancer for every-day-life.

“Self-confidence is like a long warm coat, that you just need to decide to put on!”


If you have any questions, just write or call me!
Don’t be shy, the 1st step is the hardest…