Can I learn how to do my make-up myself?

Yes, you can come by with scheduled appointment and benefit from my rich experience in the field of makeup in the studio.
The makeup of the male face to achieve a beautiful feminine expression is a “science” in itself. I explain it step by step and also what to look for when buying cosmetic products.
The result should always look convincing , naturally feminine and be conform to the ideal of the woman you are inside.
Together we will develop your new face.

Can I get a full make-up done by a professional?

Yes, we work with different Make-up artists, who can do a full make-up for you on demand.
Make sure to bring your outfit to the appointment for coordinating looks & colours.
Make your appointment at least 3-4 weeks in advance to make sure our MUA is available for you.
Be aware: the price of a full make-up by a professional is more expensive than a class.

What is the difference between a privat make-up class and a workshop?

A lot of people are quite shy when they visit us for the first time.
A privat appointment allows you to be alone with one of our team and work exclusively on you. I advise it especially for your first visit, so we can try different looks and wigs in order to find your perfect face.
Sometimes though, it’s fun to meet with others who have the same issues and use the make-up time to practice together, ask about things no one else in your daily life could answer and generally chat together like women do when they take care or their beauty.
Just consider a workshop as a Spa day with friends where you can practice…

Do I need to bring my own make-up?

Lots of girls have some make-up at home that they don’t know how to use.
On the other hand, you might also miss something you didn’t know that you need.
On the first meeting, bring everything you have, so we sort it and check if you really miss something.
I have here enough stuff to complete your collection and get your face done, don’t worry.
If you have extras (nails, lashes, …) bring them too!

Eyelashes - what options?

There are different ways to get your eyelashes thicker.
– you can only use a manual curler and mascara. We will show you how to apply it for a natural or a strong effect, depending on your outfit and how to choose your new mascara in a shop as well…

– you can buy fake lashes with glue or magnets, they are easy to use after a few tries and tips and a reusable quite a lot if you take good care of them. The form and the thickness depend on your general look as well.
For a Night Make-up or a drag Make-up, you might even want to use 2 pairs, over and under your eyes (the lower one should be the smallest). And of course, you may do your own yourself , to fit with a special outfit!

– there are also semi-permanent options, such as a permanent curl or dye as well as some extensions (the lashes are glued single by single and stay up to 3 weeks). We do not propose this service ourselves but work with professionals for that, that can also be booked at the studio if necessary.

Does the makeup also come off completely?

No problem. Nowadays you can get makup-remover wipes or even just moisturising wipes in any grocery store.
As men use it too for refreshing they shouldn’t look odd to buy.
If you don’t have any, our grandma’s recipe still works:
Use a cotton pad and a milk or cream to remove your make-op. Oil can work too (even the one from your kitchen!)
Your skin will be very grateful for some nourishing a the same time.
Otherwise, all greasy creams and of course special products are suitable for makeup removal.
For the painted fingernails you need a nail polish remover. Available in every supermarket. You can easily “smuggle” this between the purchases.
Glued nails will come off without a mark.

When you need a full remake-up after a meeting, you may of course do it here in the studio on demand.

Girls do make-up better than boys, is it true?

Not at all!
Some of our make-up artists (MUA) are masculine and they are really good.
Most natural born women have no clue whatsoever about make-up, beside gloss and mascara.
It is an art and a technique that gets easier by doing it often, no matter who you are.
It is true that it’s more work to get a soft contouring on most TV-TS-TG-girls than a cis-girl but it’s just a question of learning how to make it right.

Which wig is the best for me?

It all depends on what type of woman you want to convincingly embody.
In principle, almost everything is feasible, it should be in any case a hairstyle that is flattering for both your face and your silhouette and eventually makes you appear younger if you are over 35.
Trying a new secondary hairstyle should in any case take place in the made-up state. you can see better what colour, length & cut fits you the best if you already “have your face on”.
Please make sure you take you time for this, because this is a very important choice (you don’t want to buy too many “useless” wigs).
You shall also think about natural or artificial hair, as well as front-laced or not. The quality and the prices can be very low or high, depending on your choice. The “lifetime” of your wig will also depend on it.
Don’t worry we can explain everything when you get here but it helps to make some research online before you come.
We own over 40 wigs in the studio for you to try but we can also come with you to a shop in Cologne. There are some very good ones that work with us.

My wigs always end up looking like a wig, not like natural hair. Why?

People with natural long hair brush their hair EVERY DAY!
Sometimes more than once. Some girls even always have a foldable hairbrush in their handbag and brush them every time they go to a bathroom.
If their hair is looking dry or fuzzy, they use sprays, oils or hair drier to make them look better.
Wig shops also sell a special keratin spray that helps to keep them looking natural and shiny.
A lot of girls also keep touching their hair all day, to rectify how they fall or take them out of their faces.
Well a wig is the same!!
If your hair fall in your face and you don’t move them away, it will always look like you’re wearing a wig and don’t dare to touch it.
You need to brush it before you put it on, after it’s in place (do something with them like you would do with real hair too to make it look natural), every time you go to the bathroom and when you take it off before you put it away.
The longer the hair, the bigger the brush!! or you will not get through them deep enough.
We will show you all that and how to keep them without crushing the original form as well.

How do I give my body feminine curves?

There are ways to pad your body in the appropriate places in a lot of different ways.
Some beginners use cotton, which is soft and squishy but can get warm and sticky in your are going to a party.
Let’s start with the bottom:
You can buy cheap forming underpants for women, they most already have foam pads in them to change your shape. They make your waist slimmer, and may have extra volumes on the butt or the hips.
You may of course change the pads if the form isn’t right.
If you are on extreme low-budget, you can get 3-4 cm thick foam at the next upholstery shop and cut it yourself. There are tutorials on youtube for it or you can come here and i’ll show you.
Once you are finished with the padding, don’t forget to wear 2 strong stockings one on the other, so smooth the borders and make it look natural.
I recommend stockings for majorettes if you want a shiny finish or the ones for ballet for a more natural effect.
IMPORTANT: buy stockings without a line if your outfit is short! no woman would feel confident enough to show a line, it’s as vulgar as a brocken stocking. And keep your brocken ones to put under the good ones or to use as a wig-cap.

Now for the top:
If your shoulders and back are quite large, you need to make sure your breast is big enough to look proportional.
you can achieve this with a lot of different ways:
– There are bras with extrem padding built into it (it changes a A cup into a DD). The main advantage of them is that they don’t move, so you can use them for dancing or sport.
– you can also use a silicone prothesis (have a look here for different forms and sizes), alt ought you will habe to wear a bra or a corset to keep them in place.
– Breastplates: those are like a tight t-shirt with breast in it you can find a lot of models online, just try to choose one fitting your skin color, so you can wear it under a summer dress or a gogo outfit. be aware that you should wear a necklace with them, in order to hide the border to your skin in the neck.

The studio owns some paddings, so you may come here to try them on too. We are currently looking for a partner -shop to provide you with the possibility to order with us.

How do I get the front of my skirt flat? What is "tucking"?

There is certainly a lot on offer that conceals masculinity. Or should conceal.
There are shops offering special panties, with or without silicon forms in it.
Here is a link if you want to have a look: Trans Missie Slips
There is also a technique called “Tucking” used by a lot of Drag Queen Performers.
You can find really good tutorials on Youtube, my favorite ones are from Trinity the Tuck from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 and AllStars 4: maybe it helps you figure out some things better.

Do I need holes for earrings? Where do I get them done?

In order to make make a mtf face look smaller, it helps to wear bigger hair and accessories.
Big earrings can be very heavy and also painful if they are hanging from a hole in your ears.
Drag queens actually glue their earrings to their lobes and carry extra glue in their handbag (just in case!)
Some earrings come as a clip, that’s mostly the easier way, just make sure to buy them double in case you loose one without noticing.
If you’re going for the holes, a lot of jewellery shops offer this service, as well as piercing studios.
those can also do other kind of piercings if you wish (bellybutton for example).
You might need to wear a light ring at the beginning in order to heal, and switch it for a slightly bigger/heavier one after 2 months to get the hole stronger and wider.

I was at a Type Consultation, what is the next step?

I would like to emphasize at this point that most TV ladies have been through this “type consultation” in their male role especially with some of my colleagues.
Those consultation may help you to find a direction at the beginning but you can be any kind of woman you want, as long as your look fits with your behaviour (don’t dress too provocative if you’re not going to that kind of party or just going shopping for example, but don’t dress as a shy girl for going to a party).
What is important for your female other identity, is how you want to people around to react to you. This only works if you are made up and styled in a feminine way.
You can also have a certain color palette for daylight and another one for nightlife.
2 are enough for most woman, let’s make some test to find yours.

I can't receive woman clothing at my home, how can I order online?

Online orders and discreet reception are always possible.
You can order and get it delivered to the next post office or packet shop.
If you have an appointment here, you can also have it sent to the studio under your girl name, just warn us before so we can keep it on a side for you.

I don't know what to wear and where to buy something that fits. Can you help?

This is a problem every woman has! For real!
First of all, each of us has a different body shape. I’ve found a web-site that explains it very well in english 40+ or in german wundercurves , maybe it can help you as well.
Then the solution starts with finding the perfect outfit for one special occasion.
Example: you are going to make sport, you need an outfit that fits your activity, that shows or hide the parts you want and generally makes you look good while sweating in a public place.
So first step is to research pictures of outfits online, keeping in mind your own proportions and body shape.
Keep in mind that the forms on the model on the pictures may not be the same as yours.
Of course you can cheat and alter your body shape with some little tricks. (check the section about this in the FAQ)
Once you have a few outfit ideas, you should go to a shop and try things on.
YES, THIS is not always that easy! If you don’t dare going shopping alone, we can join you for help and support.
Just say so…

After all the test, you should have an idea of your female clothing size and you will be able to also order online without mistakes.
If something is too big, we can always make it smaller but if it’s too small, send it back and get the bigger size…

I don't have a lot of money for clothes and make-up, is low budget ok?

Yes, absolutely!
For the make-up classes we try to use all kind of products, some needs to be good quality for a good coverage (like your base for example) but all the rest can be very cheap. We can show you how to use them and where to buy them. Workshops on Saturdays are also sometimes followed by a shopping tour in a nearby street for those kind of stuff if someone needs help with it.
You DO NOT need to buy expensive stuff and only get what you really need at the beginning. Later you can shop for fun, within your budget.
For the clothing, 2nd hand shops or apps are really helpful but sometimes the fit isn’t perfect.
It is the same, only buy clothes for a special outing or occasion first, it is very easy to waste your money on pretty stuff that you will never wear… Believe me, all women are like this… that’s why there is so much 2nd Hand things on the market!
We can help you re-fitting it to your size. we have a few sewing machines and meet regularly for sewing classes or sessions.
For accessories, DIY is often the cheapest. with some pearls, paint and glue, you can make beautiful accessories for low budget.
We organise meetings for this on demand or before some special outings (like the Fantasy Photoshoot in Spring every year).

I discovered that I like to wear women's clothes, is it wrong?

First of all, please be happy about your feminine side and that you are a person with a lot of imagination and sensitivity.
Many TV-Girls unfortunately hide, because you have no possibility to live out your feminine side discreetly or because you’re not ready to share this with your friends or relatives.
You’re not doing anything “bad” and it’s not cheating, but please understand that few female partners are thrilled when the man they love wears a bra. Mostly because they don’t have enough information to understand.
It produces nightmares or catastrophe scenarios in your head, where someone finds out by accident and the result is pure panic.
It is also difficult to store your girls stuff at home where someone could find them. This has consequences that no one needs.
We offer you a safe place, where you can talk about it, exchange with others that are already living in the open but also allows you to try things out without fear or shame.
Take the first step and have a coffee with me alone before meeting the rest of the team.

It's my first time as a woman outside of home, where do I start?

All of us need to start somewhere but don’t know where and how…
This is what we do!
The first time is harder because you are shy, you’ve never tried before and you don’t know what to expect.
There is a big difference between wearing stockings and high heels on your own sofa to feel feminine and actually go outside your of your 4 walls as a woman.
It’s ok… we’re used to this and will provide help and guidance to find your own feminity.
You may call or write us for your questions or we can make a first meeting around a coffee and talk things through.
Your male persona can be the one coming to this meeting, we will figure the next steps together.

How long does it take to look good and self-confident by myself as a woman?

There is no rule for how long it takes, for some, it comes easily, for some it can be a little bit more work.
The most important is to practice as much as possible.
Once you found your face, hair and clothing, where you feel like it is the way you want to look, it will be still a lot of practice for make-up, behaviour, speech, body-language…
If you already feel like a woman inside, half of the work is already done!
It helps to have a big mirror at home and also to go out and see if you can pull it off in a crowd.
This is why we organise outings, to get comfortable outside with a safe group.

What do I have to keep in mind in order not to attract attention when dining in a restaurant?

We should practice and optimize our gestures, postures and facial expressions before a possible trip outside.
Maybe work on getting your voice softer and higher than normal when you assume your female persona.
Mostly we practice that during our preparations at the studio, so you can feel free to ask questions.
Little “etiquette training” for ordering in a cafe, for example, and putting away typical male behavior.
(As there would be: Opening the knees when sitting, angular movements, clearing the throat loudly out of nervousness, wanting to help a companion into the coat…No, no no, a lady doesn’t do all that!). You will experience how nice it is to be courted.
You will be helped into the coat and your knees will be pressed together demurely while sitting down while your back stays straight and your shoulders relax. When you sit down, smooth your skirt with soft movements downward and take a seat.
The waiter will take your order and do not forget, a lady does not necessarily drink Underberg and beer, but let herself be spoiled with a glass of champagne to start…
By the way, the bigger is your glass, the smaller your hands look! so don’t hesitate to ask for a bigger one….

My body is totally hairy and I can't remove anything. How can I still look feminine?

For the top, use long arms and a high neck to cover the hairy parts.
For your legs, use thick opaque stockings, maybe 3 pairs one upon the other, to cover better.
OPAQUE DOES NOT MEAN BLACK!! No women wears blacks stockings since the 80’s!

For the eyebrows, you can get them trimmed a bit at the hairdresser or a cosmetic studio. just get them shorter and clean, we can change their form later with some make-up techniques to hide a part of them. (but it does nor work iff the hair are too long, so trimming is obligatory.
Make sure you are freshly shaved in the morning before coming here and put some facial cream on your skin to protect it for the make-up.

I live far from Cologne, can I check into a hotel as a woman?

Sure. We made deals with a few hotels around us, the prices are quite ok and they tend to treat you very courteously, like any other woman.
The walking distance is quite short and the area very safe.
Just make sure to bring an own towel for make-up removal, so you don’t trash theirs.
Get over your possibly existing shyness and try it out. You will feel like a little STAR!

Sometimes I feel alone, where do I find others like me?

Yes, feeling alone is happening to the best of us.
This is why we created this safe place in Cologne, for you to visit and meeting people with the same interests, to feel home and make new friends, to get support and exchange tips.
But beside us, there is a huge community of people like you, everywhere in the world. You can find them on social medias, on blogs and forums. Just search for keywords online or write us…

Can I get hormones in the studio?

Definitely NO!
The Medicines Protection Act does not allow for hormones to be distributed without a doctor’s order…and that’s a good thing.
If your desire to get a female breast is still strong, see your family doctor or we can arrange an appointment with someone for you. if you can’t reveal yourself yet.
Please do not put your health in danger by looking for other “hormone sources”. (e.g. abroad)
Herbal based creams are available in pharmacies but will not give you the desired cup size. Sensitizing the nipples should be possible with the help of an intimate suction cup, but requires regular use. It has always been the case that miracles take a little longer….
Laser depilation can help with the hairy parts of you an a very efficient way (it’s mostly called MPL, lots of cosmetic studios offer the treatment for an affordable price, also for facial hair. )

For more transformation on your body, we worked with some specialists and can make appointments for you if desired.

Should I tell "it" to my partner?

It is easier to share for younger T-Girls than older ones, because on one hand it’s easy to be “young & crazy” but also because you are still discovering yourself new and haven’t set in a male life yet with all the relationships, responsibilities and boundaries….
Depending how open your life-partner is around the LGBTQ+ world, sharing might be a good thing.
If your partner is open-minded and supportive, you should try to share this part of you with him/her because it’s also you, just in a different way. They might welcome it and even support you (for example, let you be who you want to be at home, at least if you are not sure about the outside world)
If you had until now a perfectly hetero/classical marriage and you think you wife will freak out, you should take it step by step.
Your wife sees you as a man, you need to get her ready to see the feminine part of you and accept it, which can really be tricky sometimes and doesn’t always work.
The partner is sometimes “jealous” of the woman she can’t fight. She might try to ridicule your inclination or to “cure” you, because she met you as a man and will always see the man in you (that is after all who she married in the first place!). It could be that the relationship cracks…
Women are wonderful and you know it yourself, because you like to transform yourself into such a charming being from time to time.
Some of them will welcome your other side too, if they are open-minded enough, maybe even help you and let you be a woman at home.
Weight carefully whether you want to take this risk.
But you can’t fight an inclination to dress as a woman. It always comes back, sometimes more often and sometimes less strongly.
When you have done it quite a lot and decided, this is the way you want to be more than 60% for your time, then yes, definitely, you should talk honestly with your partner/kids and your friends about who you really are inside. Be ready for critiques and hurt feelings but some of my girls did it and their wife and daughters are not only ok with it but also borrow their clothes and accessories regularly.
If you have a son, it might be a bit more difficult (especially when they are between 12 and 25, they feel personally attacked in their view of what a man should be, Dad is the male model, it’s hard to have this taken away).

Do I have to make an appointment "before"?

Yes, we only accept people who have an appointment in order to ensure your privacy while you are here.
Please make an appointment in advance per Mail or WhatsApp  (+49 152 02 14 74 03).
For Workshop, you can book directly online through our booking system.
Your space should be secure with a deposit before you receive the confirmation.
Feel free to call me Mondays to Fridays 13:00-17:00 for asking any question you might need before visiting us.

Do you only have workshops and events or also regular classes?

We mostly organise groups events on week-ends, so everyone can be free for the day.
However, we also have some weekly classes such as High Heels Walking, Gogo-Dancing, Sensual Movements and Exotic Floorwork (for those who want the sexy part too)…
They take place online for the moment, if you are using a webcam, just point it to your legs & feet, you don’t have to show any more than that.
You can of course also follow the classes without a camera if you are shy, but you won’t get your technique corrected if the teacher can’t see you, of course.
Another trick is to put on a lamp behind you, so that you are only like a Chinese shadow on screen.

How many people in a workshop?

A workshop can allow from 4 to 10 People, depending on the subject.
The amount of spaces is always visible in the workshop description.

Are we going out to parties & events?

YES!! For sure!
Most of our events combine a workshop and an outing: we spend a few hours getting ready at the studio and then we go out.
Each event has a motto, so we could go to visit something, for a shopping tour, for a bicycle ride or a party, just choose your favourite event.
We go out as a group, we share a taxi to the location if it’s too far to walk on heels and you can come back to the studio to “undress” if you need after. So you can also leave everything beside your handbag here during the outing.

What is the worst that could happen during an outing in public?

Nothing “bad.” If you are stopped by law enforcement officers while driving or as a passerby, smile and identify yourself if desired.
Dressing up is not forbidden in our country. Especially not if you are dressed up as nicely as you were when you visited us.

Sisters walking alone, especially late at night might be spoken to by strangers (it happens to a lot of women, it’s not just you).
During the day, you should have 3-4 pre-made jokes to spin back to strangers, that are not aggressive but will make then smile and leave you alone. It’s called “shade” and it’s a real weapon that women also use but sisters brought it to the perfected level.
we will also train that during our preparations in the studio.
At night, I would advise to go out in groups of 2-3 girls, any regular woman knows this basic rule. The safety is in numbers.

If you are prepared and add humour to your qualities, you should be able to come out safely from most situations.

Can I shop at the studio?

We are not a shop, think of us more like your make-up boudoir.
We can take you shopping if you need, alone or in a group. We can arrange for some shops to come and present products to try in the studio (wigs, make-up, clothing, nails…)
We can also help you order online and receive the packages for you, if home isn’t safe.
Some of our girls also have regular activities together, like sewing classes or sport. they are always happy for new ones to join.

I was born a natural girl but I need help with my looks and my self-confidence. Can I join too?

Every girl needs some models to copy while they are growing up. Our girls are not exceptions.
Being born one can make it easier but not always… Most mothers see their daughters as their “little girls” and do not teach them how to be feminine and sexy. If your own mother is all that, you may have learned it by watching her, but most mums are too busy for that, they used to do make-up before they met your dad but they stop during pregnancy and never go back to it.
Having Cis-Girls with their own feminine issues in our meetings, helps all of the participants to find a better self confidence by exchanging questions, tips or tricks in a fun atmosphere.
The make-up and fashion tips also work for you and can sometimes make a real difference.
So yes you can join as a Cis-girl but as we’re trying to keep a balance, you won’t have priority for booking. Our school is mainly for TV-TS-TG Women and they shall be the majority in a class.