PART ONE: Pack your petticoats, high waisted pants and red lipstick and join us on a journey through time at the ‘Rheinbach Classics’ classic car event! This workshop includes a make-up and styling course as well as coaching for posing in front of the camera.

Date: 29 June 2024 Place: Rheinbach @ “Rheinbach Classics” A classic car meeting Duration of the workshop: 5-6 hours 3 hours make-up & styling course by a professional burlesque artist 2-3 hours posing course & photo shoot with coach in front of the camera.

PART ONE: Make-up/Contouring/Styling class in the style of the 50s Main Studio in Cologne from 11:00 to 14:00 Back then, fashion-conscious women mainly used eyeliner, blusher and red lipstick for their cosmetics; depending on the outfit, orange/salmon shades were also favoured. Most hairstyles of this era can be done with a curling iron or foam roller and bobby pins … and also with lots of hairspray. Bring a brush and comb, too! Old-fashioned barrettes or scarves can help complete the look. If you take the Make-Up/Styling class, please bring your own supply of cosmetics.

PART TWO: Photoworkshop In Rheinbach from 14:00 During a classic car meet the cars are parked all over the village, we go around and pick your favourites and after asking the owners if we can use their car as a prop we get to work. (yes, you can match a car to your dress!!) There’s one thing you absolutely must know about classic cars: Never touch one with bare fingers, jewellery or shoes! You could scratch the paintwork and most owners look after their cars like Papa Bear looks after his children. We recommend you bring gloves to complete your look and make your day easier. After the shoot we can stay on location for the evening events or drive home. The return journey time is open, if you are travelling in your own car you can choose how long you want to stay for the concerts and shows. Trains also run if required.

OUTFIT INSPIRATION: We will be travelling in the pin-up style of the 50s, so dresses and petticoats are more than welcome, but capri trousers with a shirt or jeans with a vintage top are also possible! Some examples: – Rockabilly Woman Dresses with petticoat, high heels, hold-up stockings, old-fashioned underwear Accessory recommendation: miniature suitcase, old-fashioned maps, matching sunglasses, hat, gloves,… – Pin-up Calendar Girl Old-fashioned monokini or bikini, high heels Accessory ideas: Sunglasses, large summer hat, pearl necklaces & jewellery, old telephone, old photo camera, old Coca-Cola glass bottle, hand mirror, beach ball, playing cards,… – Glamour Diva Long evening dress, stockings, high heels, jewellery Accessory recommendations: Suspenders, fur, clutch bag, hair accessories or flowers, fabric dog with leash, gloves, parasol,…

WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED FOR THE WORKSHOP? – Accessories: To make your portrayal look credible, you need to think about a few details: Which shoes go with your outfit, which handbag, sunglasses, belt, a hat with a scarf to keep it in place, bracelets, earrings (with stud or clip), necklace, cigarette holder … – Extra flat shoes in your handbag in case you need to change between photos – As we will be eating and drinking on this hot day, you should bring a long-lasting lipstick and a mirror to touch it up if needed (also a pretty scene for photos) – Water (it’s usually very hot on this day!) Price: 149€ – including course, coaching and photos. We share the cost of the outward and return journey between the participants.