50’s Pinup Bicycle Tour at the Rhein

January 21, 2021

Fan of romantic Italian movie of the 50’s? Nothing is more sexy than a woman wearing a skirt on a bicycle…


We first meet in the studio for Make-up and dressing-up. It will be a 3-hours of makeup and hair styling class in the tradition of the 50s Pinup. I’m reachable for helping you choose a style and a wig before you come over, so you know what to bring on that day. When we are ready, we are going to Heumarkt (5 minutes walk from the studio on the Rheinpromenade) to the rental bike store. Please let me know in advance if i should reserve one for you or if you bring your own… We want to ride from the city center onto the bridge, cycle up the Rhein on the green side, have a stop at a coffee/ice-cream place before coming back to the studio. Count on a 3-4 hours minimum tour with a few stops for those who want to make pictures (a professional photographer will be following us and take shots of those who want) or need to drink something.



Outfit: we’re going Rockabilly pin-up style, dresses & petticoats are more than welcome but also capris with a shirt work. Make-up: We need to make your Mtf base first, bright red lipstick and fake lashes. Bring ALL your make-up, so i can show you how to use it in a different 50s way. Accessories: For your character to be credible, you need to think about it in details: What kind of shoes fit with your outfit? (you can bring extra shoes in your handbag in case you need to change in between for pictures), a scarf or an hair-band for your hair, bright red lipstick (if you have one that stays longer, the better!), bracelets, earrings (with pin or to glue), necklace, belt, sunglasses… Do you want to decorate your bicycle or add a basket on it? come prepared…

FOR YOUR INSPIRATION, we have created a gallery on Pinterest

Date of the workshop/shooting: 19.06.2021
Times: 12 – 20 h – maximum total 8 hours
Maximum participants: 8
Price for the full day including make-up & styling class, tour guide, professional pictures, bubbly: 149€
The bicycle rental is NOT included but we can organise it for you if you wish. Just let me know…

Registration until 15.05.2021 per email or in the shop (Only a Facebook confirmation is not enough – only registrations with a pre-payment are making sure your place is booked!)

After the end of the shooting, all photos will be sent to your email via WeTransfer within 14 days. 2 photos of your choice will be professionally edited by the photographer and you will receive them afterwards in full resolution for your own free use.

Disclaimer: The terms and conditions for the registration of workshops apply.



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