Fairies, Cosplay & Fantasy Photo Workshop

January 18, 2021
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Cosplay & Fantasy Fotoworkshop including a make-up & styling class and a photoshoot in Cologne on May 2nd 2021.

T-girls welcome!


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Sometimes fairy tales do come true – dive into a fantastic, mystical world and become part of it yourself! We offer you the opportunity to slip into the role of your favorite character in our multi-part workshop and photo shoot. Fairies, elves, fairy tale characters like Narnia, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Maleficient or the Ice Princess are of course also welcome. And if you like, you can also create your very own character.

Before the actual shoot, there will be some “craft classes” for those who want to create their own outfits but if you hit cosplay shops online, you will also find amazing stuff.My favourite way at the moment is to check Pinterest, there are a lot of links to shops for great designers that are doing unique pieces. For the Craft Classes, please click here…

Then on the day of the shoot, there will be about 3-hours of makeup and styling class. Afterwards we will go to our outdoor location in Cologne, where the 2-3 hour photoshoot will take place. During the shoot you will receive coaching and support for posing in front of the camera and of course, the other participants may use your phone for backstage pictures as well. After the shoot, for those who don’t want to go away yet, eating ice cream or pizza together is not out of the question.


Outfit: Depending on your fantasy character, corsages, long skirts, colored fabric are suitable, as well as body armor, faux-fur if you’re more going for a warrior look.
Make-up: We need to make your Mtf base first, unless you go all-on-creature, before we start working on the specifics for your picture. Bring ALL your make-up, eventually also accessories to glue on your face (depending on your character, you can make your eyelashes out of feathers or fabric, glue some stones, flower petals or moss around your face and hair…)
Accessories: For your character to be credible, you need to think about it in details: Are you going bare foot or what are you wearing there? Do your shoes need accessories? something just fake vines swirling around your ankles are enough… Are you wearing a wig? a hair-piece? horns? elf-ears? You can also make you own deco (craft classes) for your hair and the outfit: flowers, leaves, leather accessories, fruits, a basket, little horns, wings, feathers, necklaces, veils, small branches for a crown, shells, elf ears… there are no limits to your creativity! You can also bring accessories to play with during the shoot, like fake weapons for a warrior or a sceptre for a queen or a magic wand for a fairy…

FOR YOUR INSPIRATION, we have created a gallery on Pinterest


Date of the workshop/shooting: 02.05.2021
Times: 13 – 19 h – in total 6 hours
Maximum participants: 8
Price for the 6 hours Workshop: 120€

Registration until 07.04.2021 per email or in the shop
(Only a Facebook confirmation is not enough – only registrations with a pre-payment are making sure your place is booked!)

After the end of the shooting, all photos will be sent to your email via WeTransfer within 14 days. 2 photos of your choice will be professionally edited by the photographer and you will receive them afterwards in full resolution for your own free use.

Disclaimer: The terms and conditions for the registration of workshops apply.




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